Waxing Services

waxing services

Waxing provides many benefits for the overall upkeep of your style. It leaves you with smooth skin for a longer time and even slows down hair growth after continuous application. Smooth skin aids in cosmetic application and waxing results last 2-6 weeks. We offer a number of wax services for a lasting solution to your contouring and maintenance needs.

Our Waxing Services

Lip Wax $5

Lip waxing is a delicate process that involves sensitive skin. Waxing at home can be troublesome and painful. Wade Gordon Academy offers an affordable, professional option for maintaining smooth skin.

Eyebrow Wax $5

Make sure you have beautifully contoured eyebrows to accentuate hairstyles and frame your facial features. Bring out the best in your fashion sense with Wade Gordon Academy’s Eyebrow Wax

Eyebrow + Lip Wax $9

Save time and money by getting the combined benefits of eyebrow and lip waxing in one session at a reduced price.

Facial Wax $12

Facial waxing can be beneficial for many reasons. It removes dead skin cells and acts as an exfoliation treatment while removing any fine hairs. Leave your face with a fresh glow for longer with a delicate facial wax.