Sixteen Careers for Cosmetologists


Working your way through cosmetology school is thrilling. After graduation – it only gets better. There are so many different opportunities in the professional beauty industry.

Here are sixteen OUT OF THE BOX careers for your Cosmetology License!

Becoming an influencer has everything to do with SOCIAL MEDIA. Growing a following will gain you the right to have your voice heard and to make a difference in the industry. This could include getting paid to offer reviews of products/new techniques as well as the opportunity to do celebrity hair and be invited to work at New York Fashion Week and the Golden Globes.


Brand Educator
Each brand has a team of enthusiastic hair artists who tour different cities and states and share brand knowledge with salons and hairdressers. This career can take you from earning extra income in your home town, to traveling across different states and ultimately to teaching at big events in New York and L.A.


Cosmetology School Educator
You know the impact that your educators had on your career, why not pass that on to the next generation? Cosmetology educators are devoted to inspiring and mentoring future beauty rockstars. They can see someone’s full potential and show them the pathway to bring that potential to life.


You can also work towards becoming a:
Salon Owner
Make-up Artist
Nail Specialist
Personal Stylist
Beauty Advisor
Salon Business Consultant
Salon Social Media Coordinator
Platform Artist for a Manufacturing Company
Product Sales Consultant
Cosmetology School Owner
Spa Owner
Bridal On-Location Artist