Cosmetology State Board Refresher Course


There are many reasons that you may need to take a the Cosmetology State Board again. You may have moved to Texas from another state, need to renew your license or just got out of the business to pursue other aspects of your life.  Whatever your reason, Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy is here to provide you with the right review to make sure you are prepared to start, or return, to your life in cosmetology.

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy State Board Refresher Course tests and prepares students in

  • basic manipulative skills
  • safety judgements and sanitation
  • proper work habits
  • personal conduct
  • cosmetology competency

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy State Board Refresher Overview

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Why Our Cosmetology State Board Refresher Course

Cosmetology-State-Board-CourseWade Gordon Hairdressing Academy is a world class cosmetology institution. We provide all our students with the most diverse and up to date set of skills. Whether you are restarting your career or coming back to the test from another school, Wade Gordon Academy is a community that supports its members in realizing their dreams.

Confidence on the State Board Exam

There are plenty challenges in retaking the State Board Exam. It can be a daunting task. Wade Gordon Academy State Board Refresher Course makes sure you are confident in your ability to pass so you can focus on the important things.

Learn Skills You Missed

The world of cosmetology is like the world of fashion and style in that it’s ever changing. Being outside the fashion scene for any period of time can put you at a disadvantage in the market. Wage Gordon Hairdressing Academy fills you in on the what you missed while away. Be informed of the most current and vogue fashion trends of the day.

The Texas Test

Every state has its own requirements and guidelines to their cosmetology State Board Exam.

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy State Board Refresher prepares cosmetologists from any area and walk of life with the skills and experience necessary to pass the local State Board Exam.

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