Cosmetology Course in AmarilloWade Gordon Hairdressing Academy Cosmetology Course trains students:

  • Basic Manipulative Skills
  • Safety Judgements and Sanitation
  • Building Clientele
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Management & Business
  • Extensive Product Knowledge
  • Retail Sales
  • Hair Shows
  • Platform Work
  • Cosmetology Entry Level Proficiency

Cosmetology Course Overview

Cosmetology-Course-OverviewUpon completing the Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy Cosmetology Course Material, graduates will have built the skills to:

  • Project a sense of personal integrity, a positive attitude, and self-confidence.
  • Practice proper grooming, effective communication skills, and visual poise.
  • Understand employer-employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received.
  • Perform the basic manipulative skills in the areas of hairstyles, hair shaping, hair coloring, texture services, scalp and hair conditioning, skin and makeup, manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions.
  • Perform basic analytical skills to determine proper makeup, hairstyles, and color application for the clients overall image.
  • Apply theory and technical information to a situation, ensuring sound judgements, decisions, and procedures.

REFERENCES: Our cosmetology school boasts a comprehensive library of references, periodicals, books, texts, and audio-visual materials to supplement the training in our cosmetology courses.

TEACHING METHODS: Each student will receive world class instruction that relates to the performance of useful, creative, and productive career oriented activities. Subjects are presented through lecture, demonstration, and student participation. We employ a sequential set of learning steps to comprehensively prepare our students for state board exams, graduation, and the entry level job environment.

CLASS SCHEDULE: (1500 hours)


  • DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 8am-6:30pm, 30 hours a week, full time
  • DAYS: Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm, 35 hours a week, full time


  • DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, 8am-6:30pm, 30 hours a week, full time
  • DAYS: Tuesday-Saturday, 8am-3pm, 35 hours a week, full time

Subject/Unit (Hours)

HAIRCUTTING-STYLING and related theory (500)
HAIR COLORING and related theory (200)
COLD WAVING and related theory (200)
MANICURING and related theory (100)
SHAMPOO and related theory (75)
HAIR AND SCALP TREATMENT and related theory (50)
CHEMICAL HAIR RELAXING and related theory (50)
FACIALS and related theory (50)


Cosmetology 1500 hrs
Tuition: $13,867.00
State Fees: $133.00
Registration Fees: $75.00
Permit Fee: $25.00
Re Enroll Fee: $150.00
Transfer Fee: $100.00
Kits/Books (Tax Included): $2,817.00
Months: 9-12

(The State Examination Fees have been added into the student’s tuition for the first time the test is taken. If the student has to retake their State Board Examination, he/she will have to pay out of pocket.)

State Written Exam: $55.00
State Practical Exam: $78.00

Why Choose Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy


Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy is here for you. We go beyond the regular curriculum and teach you the many skills you need in the cosmetology and beauty industry. We’re not just better than the competition. There is no competition.

Flexible Schedules

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy offers a number of schedule choices. Two weekly day schedules and a night schedule allow you to advance your education without changing your lifestyle.

Affordable Tuition

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy is an affordable way to change your life. Discover a career you love. If you have concerns, talk to us about how you can finance your future.

World Class Education

Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy is not just a cosmetology school. It’s a school for style. Learn the in vogue techniques and the classic cuts of international fashion to become a well rounded and professional cosmetologist.

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